Welcome to our store!  Rockin' G Creations is a family run business located in a remote area of Nevada.  All of our products are handcrafted, hand carved, and hand made by US! We use all natural ingredients and are chemical free! Enjoy your shopping experience, and if you don't find what you are looking for, just ASK!     *** To help you with your fragrance choices please look at the "Fragrance Descriptions" that we have described for you! 

Baby Massage Lotion.JPG
Baby Massage Lotion

We were asked if we could create a massage lotion that was not only safe for babies but also good for their skin!  Our customers love it, and we have a hard time keeping it in stock!  (I have a feeling that they are also using it, not just for their babies....).  We use Cetearyl (which is a fatty alcohol good for skin), Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Cornflower Oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, Citric Acid and Organic Preservatives.  We suggest unscented for any child under the age of 2 years.

Foaming Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Harsh shampoo's and soap are not good for your child!  Our baby shampoo & body wash is made with pure castile soap, olive oil and Vitamin E.  Although it is gentle and safe for babies, as with any product try and avoid the eyes with bathing.  We advise using the "unscented" with any child under 2 years of age. (This is NOT just for babies....adults can use it too!)

Talc Free Powder

Talc is a known cause of cancer and unsafe to use!  So many body powders contain talc, but we have created ours using Arrowroot Powder, Bentonite Clay, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile Flowers and Lavender Flowers.  It is unscented and safe for babies, too!!

Non-Toxic Bubble Bath

Who doesn't love a nice bubble bath?  Our bubble bath is non-toxic and safe for children (and adults!), although try and avoid contact with their eyes.  We only use pure castile soap, glycerin, Aloe and Vitamin E.  We advise using the unscented variety for children under 2 years of age.

Foot & Elbow Cream (and deodorant)

We created this product to help soften those dry elbows and feet.....but customers have also discovered that it is a great deodorant!  We use pure Olive Oil, Beeswax, Camauba Wax, Soybean Oil, Candella Wax, and Arrowroot in place of cornstarch.

Antiperspirants are not good for your body as it blocks the natural process of perspiration.  If all that you need is a good deodorant, than this is perfect for you!

Foaming Hand Soap

Our foaming hand soap is made from pure spring water, ammonium salt for foaming, coconut oil, glycerol, potassium salt, and organic alcohol.  8 oz

Handcrafted Soap

Our soap is handcrafted using pure mountain spring water found on our ranch in Northern Nevada.  There are no harsh chemicals, no paraben, no detergents, and we use only the purest essential oils that we can find or make ourselves!  As a cancer survivor I discovered how many "bad" things, as my husband says, were in the soaps and other products that we were using!  Being a science teacher, I did a lot of research and came up with my own line of bath and beauty products that not only smell good, but are good FOR you!  I vary between a shea butter or a glycerin base for all of my soaps (except our Goat Milk and Oatmeal, which you will find in another section.)  If you prefer one or the other, please specify and allow an additional two weeks in case we have to make a special batch! * For "Other Choice", you can request a special blend and I will try and create it for you!  If I am unable to meet your request I will notify you with other options.

Goat Milk Soap

My goat milk soap is DETERGENT FREE. It contains real goat milk, which is high in protein and triglyceride, content making it an excellent natural moisturizer. It contains vitamin A, B6, B12 and E as well as beta-casein which all help to hydrate and nourish dry skin. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient.  


Oatmeal Soap

My oatmeal soap is made with a coconut oil base and contains real oatmeal.  Oatmeal is known to moisturize the skin and relieve itching. This Oatmeal Soap exfoliates well, moisturizes, provide excellent lather, and contains no unnecessary chemicals. Includes a large percentage of ground oatmeal that will gently polish & cleanse the skin. 

Lip Balm

Our lip balm is truly smacking good!  We use a beeswax base and add all natural ingredients, with a dash of the best flavors you have ever smelled/tasted!  Our customers just keep coming back for more, and more, and more......

Wax Tarts

We make our wax tarts from the purest beeswax to hold the scent longer and the finest soy to help throw the scent into the air. There is NO paraffin, which is a very unhealthy fume to breathe and is present in so many of the wax tarts (melts) that are on the market today!  If you have a favorite fragrance that is not listed here, ask us!  We carry over 100 different ones and just can't list them all!

Coal Soap

Santa's been busy making coal (soap) for those on his Naughty List!  But these are just a warning!  There is still time to wash away all of that naughty with this REAL soap!  I have created these "chunks of coal" from pure glycerin, activated charcoal powder and black mica. While in the cooling process I hand formed each and every one of them! I have left them unscented, because who has ever heard of Peppermint coal?? I also created the poem myself...so you can choose Elf or Santa..........because not just KIDS deserve a lump of coal for Christmas!!

Hand & Body Lotion

The return customers standing in line to buy our lotion is proof enough that we created something pretty darn special!  Once they try the sample and feel the smooth, creamy, non-sticky lotion they return for more!  It seems that no matter how many we make we are sold out by the end of every show that we do!  Did I mention that it is LANOLIN FREE!!

Hair Shampoo

Our shampoo is chemical free, paraben free, and made with all natural ingredients!  It will leave your hair soft and shiny without stripping it of your natural oils.  Safe for colored hair!

Hair Conditioner

We just hate the heavy feeling that some conditioners leave our hair, adding harmful chemicals just to sell their product?  We created one that won't weigh you down, yet leaves your hair shiny and tangle free!  Compliment it with our shampoo and you won't be disappointed!

Shave & Shampoo Bar

Our customers rave about our shave and shampoo bar!  Our male customers love how they can wash their hair and shave all at the same time!  Women remark how well it works for shaving their legs as it leaves them nice and soft. We make these with Argan Oil, Silk Protein, Honey Protein, Calendula Flower, Aloe Carrageen, Sunflower Oil and E/O, F/O.

Waterless Hand Cleaner

Don't you just hate that sticky feeling after you use a hand cleaner?  Well, so did we!  Ours is made with pure Aloe Vera Gel and pure essential oils!  No more sticky, dried out hands..... and it smells good, too!

Pet Shampoo

A few years ago our young pup was prey for a very large coyote.  She was ripped up pretty bad and an emergency trip to the vet saved her life!  Since I use essential oils for us, I asked the vet if I could also treat her with these.  He said absolutely, but do some research first.  So we did!  We attended classes on how to safely use essential oils on pets, trainings and read dozens of books and articles.  I'm happy to say that she is doing great, and we continue to use the shampoo, etc. that I created for her.  I gave samples to other pet owners and they immediately called wanting more!  So...my pet care products were a success!  I use a color code for easy identification at shows, but these are unscented except for the essential oil that is used.people love it too! 

Pet Spritz

We went to a wedding a couple of years ago and when the mosquitos came out the bride took out a spray bottle of our product that she uses on her dogs.  She passed it around and all of the guests sprayed it on themselves....and the wedding went on without a scratch :) We also color code out spritz and they have different essential oils for different purposes.  (Do NOT use on cats....these are good for dogs and horses...and people; cats are much more sensitive.  Contact me for a special mix for cats.)  Some animals are sensitive to the sound of a sprayer, so we suggest that you spray it on your hands first and than just rub it into their coat as you pet them.  Avoid the eyes as it might burn. We also make a shampoo that works great...and we add apple cider vinegar to help maintain a nice, healthy coat on your pet ! ("Puppy Powder" is scented and smells like baby powder :)

Custom Order Traditional Style Dream Catchers
from 5.00

My creativity is as great as your imagination!  I have made custom dream catchers ranging from memorials, weddings, grandkids, football teams...you name it!  My prices range from $6.00 to $25........larger ones by request.  Specify your color(s) choices when checking out.  For traditional ones colors and styles may vary depending on leather available at the time of ordering.

Dream Catcher Kits

We have many customers who would like to make their OWN dream catchers or give the kit to those crafty friends and/or family members.  A few years ago I sat down and took very detailed photographs as I made a 6-inch dream catcher.  I put these together in a booklet, all in color, from start to finish.  When you order one of these kits they come with a hoop, the wrap material, plenty of weave sinew, the beads, the feathers, and even a clothes pin!  The only thing that you need to add is the glue...and any type will do.  You can even use Elmers :)  NOTE: Glue is NOT included!

Lady Bug Game

This game has been a HUGE seller at our shows so by request I am adding it to my store!  I make each individual lady bug game board and hand paint all of the game pieces myself!  Each game consists of one (1) game board, ten (10) game pieces - 5 of each set, and a darling lady bug bag to carry it in!  Perfect for picnics, traveling, classrooms, or "just because"! Please specify in the comments section if you want specific characters and/or a specific color of bag.

Soap Saver Scrubby

Do you just hate throwing away those last little pieces of soap?  Do you like to exfoliate your skin while bathing?  How about using a "skillet friendly" scrubber in your kitchen?  Well, that was me....so I made my own!  These little cuties are perfect for in the shower, bath, kitchen, camper.....!  I crochet each one just for you! (Soap and/or sponge not included.)  Most are a combination of colored yarn, so if you want a specific color let me know when you check out.

Pocket Wallets

These handy dandy wallets are GREAT for holding your drivers license and a debit/credit card plus cash, and a hidden compartment for house key, lip balm, etc.!  I personally carry one in my purse and when I get to the store I grab it out and put in my pocket so I don't have to carry my purse around!  Plus we added a loop to attach a lanyard so you can clip it to your belt loop, or in my case, I attach my "Player's Cards" for our local casino!  No chance of leaving my purse behind!!  Great for kids, too, and they are all machine washable!!  Please specify what type of design that you want when you check out....i.e. Betty Boop, dogs, Batman, Pink design, etc..... you get the idea!

Peace = Our goal is to bring you peace

Harmony = My dream catchers can bring harmony to your life

Health = All of our products are made with natural ingredients to keep you healthy

Happiness = Everyone needs a happy pet :)

All of our products are hand CRafted and designed just for you, our customers!  Our dream catcher designs are limited only by your imagination!


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